HONOUR: Tech Week Updates, Sneak Peek Photos and & Play Info

Hello my fellow Cabaret enthusiasts! This post happens to be very near and dear to my heart, because it involves the opening of Honour at Cabaret Theatre this weekend (December 7, 8 & 9)!!

Honour will mark my debut on the Cabaret stage and this experience has been life-changing. Not only do I get to perform a play that is one of the most beautiful plays I have ever read, the Honour cast and crew have all become my close friends. 

BUT ENOUGH ABOUT ME ALREADY, FOR GOSH SAKES! You came here to see some photos and get some updates before coming to see Honour this weekend, am I right?

Well, below is the obligatory FB event information for your viewing pleasure (as well as the link to the event). 


Cabaret Theatre Proudly Presents:
by Joanna Murray-Smith
Directed By: Courtney King

December 7th and 8th at 8pm and December 9th at 7pm

“Do I love you Gus? Perhaps I loved belonging to you-and thus to this earth, in fact, to the very earth? I want to make you feel a memory of this. So that one day in a fleeting moment, you feel the surest sense of lovelessness and through that-the unmistakable clasp of terror.”-Honor

“Honour” is a play about a man in his fifties who leaves his wife Honor for a young reporter named Claudia after thirty-two years of marriage. Claudia is only a little older than Gus and Honor’s daughter Sophie. This familiar tale is told in a different light, it is stripped completely down to how we communicate with each other in difficult situations. Through the course of this play, the characters are forced to come to terms with the situations affecting their lives. The play is based on confrontations and conversations between the characters that force about the topics of; love, trust, safety, responsibility, lust, history, and of course, honor. This is a story that everyone can relate to because it focuses on the complexity of familial experience, which is something that everyone can share!

Production Staff:
Assistant Director: Kate Thomas
Stage Manager: Allison Kroeper
Assistant Stage Manager: Kayla Votapek
Lighting Designer: Jared Gallegos

Honor: Alyssa Krompier
Gus: Bobby O’Rourke
Claudia: Abigail Nutter
Sophie: Justice Hehir

$7 for students/staff/faculty
$12 for General Admission

Email cabtheatre@gmail.com for advanced reservations. Please specify your name, the number of tickets you wish to purchase and the date/time of the show you wish to attend. Our shows sell out quickly so making a reservation is the smart way to get yourself a seat!*

And as promised, some behind-the-scene shots:
The beautiful Spencer family. Aren’t they just perfect?
Yours truly posing with the DCC Scarlet Knight, even he’s coming to see Honour!
Justice (aka our little Sophie) looking like a model as she does some “five minutes of nothing”.
ImageClaudia, Gus, and Honor take some time to ourselves. 
“I’m not ready to die yet, I am not ready to die yet.” “What a shame.”
The Spencer family (and Claudia) share a nice family lunch on set. Cast bonding, whattup!
ImageClaudia and Gus sharing a tender moment. What a lovely, f-d up couple!
Please spread the word by reposting this article or promoting the show as best as you can. The play is too spectacular to miss, I promise you. And it probably has the best one-liners written in history. 
Spread the word, reserve tickets, and come support the cast of Honour this weekend! Check back this week for more updates and fun photos!