Cabaret’s First Event: Back to School Coffeehouse!

I’m so excited for three reasons!

Reason 1: This is my first blog post as Cabaret Theatre’s Social Media Chair-person-ager!

Reason 2: An Open Mic Night/Coffeehouse is coming to this Cabaret Theatre near you!

Reason 3: I’m gonna tell you about an awesome audition opportunity that is coming up before the semester even starts!

Do you want to join such Cabaret Theatre legends as Donny Calhoun, Laura Inglewood, or Jamie Laugerton? Don’t know who these people are because you’re an incoming first-year? Well neither do I! Because I just made those names up.

But if you do want to be involved with the first Cabaret production of the season, then the Open Mic Night: Revenge of the Coffeehouse is the right opportunity for you!

(Editor’s Note: That’s not the actual title.)

Now you may be wondering, “What is an Open Mic?” And that’s when I’ll refrain from rolling my eyes at you and explain: “An Open Mic is when a bunch of people get up onstage and do stuff like tell stories, sing songs, perform monologues or poetry or stand-up, and other things like that in front of the rest of us.” In other words, it’s just about as original of an event as you can attend!

Here’s a picture from our previous Open Mic Night for your viewing pleasure:


(Editor’s Note: This isn’t from the Open Mic at Cabaret. But it is from an Open Mic. So close enough.)

So! If you want to be involved with this production because you’ve got some awesome talents you want to showcase, then email our Special Events Coordinator, Courtney King, at

Now for the auditions you’ve been chewing your nails over! (Seriously, stop. That’s gross.)

Our Producer, Meg King, is looking for people interested in performing the three numbers that will represent Cabaret Theatre at the Involvement Fair and First-Year Convocation. And there’s a bonus! These three numbers will also be performed as a portion of the Coffeehouse.

So if you want the chance of a lifetime, then hop on over to Cabaret Theatre on the following dates and times: August 6 and 7 from 7-11pm. The callbacks, if needed, will be August 9 (those times will be determined).

Don’t know where Cabaret Theatre is? Well, what the heck have you been doing with your life?! Get over here right now! It’s located on the corner of Nichol Avenue and Suydam Street in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Here’s what you will need to audition: Proof that you are a full-time Rutgers student (sorry graduates), your schedule for the summer and the beginning of the fall semester, and any potential conflicts with the dates and times of the performances. (The Involvement Fair is on September 2, so if you have a conflict on that day, you had better say so!)

And if you don’t want to audition (or can’t because you’re a graduate), but you do want to come see the Open Mic Night/Coffeehouse (which I suggest you do since it was a pretty darned popular event we had last year), then come on down to the theatre on September 6!

I better see you there! And chances are I will. Because I live in our shed.


Allie Kroeps over and out!


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