Auditions, Auditions, Auditions!!

Hey there again, faithful Cabaret-ers!

I’m back again so soon with really great audition opportunities!!

First up for all you aspiring actors out there: the Directors’ Showcase auditions!

If you don’t know what the Directors’ Showcase is, then no problem! I’ll just tell you right now! (Actually this is a problem. Get out.)

The Directors’ Showcase is essentially a miniature play festival in which 5 to 6 short plays are put on stage. The plays only last about 10 to 20 minutes, which is perfect for actors and directors who are busy with classes and schoolwork and just kidding I know none of you are studious.

But if you are busy, then that’s not a problem at all because the rehearsals will fit around YOUR schedule!!

Audition dates are September 30th from 8-11pm and October 1st from 9-11pm in Cabaret Theatre. (These times may change, but the dates will remain the same.) Callbacks, if needed, will be October 2nd — times to be determined. To audition, be sure to have your RUID so we can confirm that you are a full-time Rutgers student. Also, bring your class and work schedules, as well as any other potential conflicts. Nextly, bring yourself! Sides will be provided for you to read so no memorization is necessary! Finally…since I , Allie Kroeper, will be coordinating this event, I hope to see you there! And if I don’t, I’ll know who you are.

Second up for all you aspiring George and Georgette Clooney’s: [Title of Show] auditions!

(But really. That’s the name of the show.)

[Title of Show] is a musical comedy about four friends trying to write and produce a musical comedy. (Woo-hoo, meta theater!)

Just as a heads up, the show dates are December 5th-8th. So if you already have plans for those days, whether they be for an important final, a  wedding, or the birth of your first-born child, then forget them. Throw them in the wind and sing in our musical instead! (Just kidding. [But am I?])

The audition dates are October 7th from 7-11pm and October 8th from 7-11pm in Cabaret Theatre. The callbacks, if needed, will be on October 9th — times to be determined.

Here is what you will need to do for your audition, soldier! Prepare 16-32 bars of a song from a musical of your choosing. (I wish you had to prepare 16-32 chocolate bars. But you don’t. I checked with the director just to make sure, and I was only let down.) Make sure the song you choose is in the style of [Title of Show]. Don’t know what style that is? Well perfect for you, here is a montage of the show for your convenience!

***Sides will be provided to you in addition to that little number you prepared.***

Don’t forget to bring your RUID so we can know whether you are a full-time Rutgers student. Also, bring your class and work schedules as well as any other conflicts you may have (like that wedding).

Also, also…We are looking for a pianist for the show! This person will have a few lines in the play, so if you are interested, then email Courtney King (the super-talented director of this production) at

In other news, Rutgers Night Live VII: Her Legs Went on for Days! is coming up real soon! The show dates are October 4th at 8pm and October 5th at 8pm and 11:59pm. This show is a sketch comedy night of madness. Complete and utter madness. So mad, you will go mad watching it.

So y’all should see it! Not just ’cause I’m in it or anything, but…yes, because I’m in it!!

Also in the cast are:

Dan Conroy*

Johnny Dellaluna*

Ryan Gentek*

Stephanie Siano*

Andy Martinez*

Natasha Sydor*

Kate Thomas*

Robert Tarino*

*Also referred to as “that person you cross the street to avoid.”

I sincerely hope that you’ll come to see the show!! To reserve tickets, email with your name, the date and time of the performance you wish to see, and the number of tickets you would like. (Note that reserving a ticket does not guarantee you a seat, so come to the theatre early to pay for/collect your ticket.)

Well, that’s all for me.

A-Kroeps over and out!!


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