Showcasing New Directorial Talent, Part VI

Hello my chickadees! I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my role as guest writer for Inside Cabaret; it reminds me of the golden, olden days (like last year) when times were simpler and therefore oh so much better. 



(Actual photo from last year when I was Social Media Chairwoman!)

Anyways, back to the reason why I’m writing this blog post; it is time for our 6th Annual Directors’ Showcase!



(Shoutout to my fantastic, magical Graphic Designer Emily Johnson!)

In case you don’t know what the DS is, Directors’ Showcase was started six years ago as a way for people who have never directed before, but wanted to try it out, to test out their skills. There are normally 4-5 short (10 minutes approx.) scenes with so many opportunities for not only for new directors, but also new actors, techies, etc. It’s a fantastic opportunity and I am so proud that it has continued for six awesome years. 

So, Directors’ Showcase opens TONIGHT, November 15th at 8 pm. Here’s a little bit of information via the FB event

Cabaret Theatre’s 6th Annual Directors’ Showcase
Coordinated by Allison Kroeper
Stage Managed by Stephanie van Oppen 

Friday, November 15th – 8pm
Saturday, November 16th – 8pm
Sunday, November 17th – 7pm

Suggested donation of $5.

Watch as four up-and-coming directors take to the stage with a cast of talented actors and a collection of excellent scenes! Since its founding, Cabaret has been dedicated to developing new artists and student talent with workshops and showcases. Come and support developing theater artists at your favorite place to see student theater!
The plays, directors, and casts are as follows:

Final Placement – Written by: Ara Watson
Directed by: Kayla Votapek
Luellen: Kelsey Potkay
Mary: Justice Hehir


The Lives of the Great Waitresses – Written by: Nina Shengold
Directed by: Jasia Ries
Yetta: Alyssa Krompier
Kay: Esther Adesina
Tammie Sue: Sam Vargas
Melissa: Julia Barnett

Left to Right – Written by: Steven Dietz
Directed by: Christen Demnitz
Scott: Mendel Teitelbaum
Ron: Chris Randise
Dee: Constance Huang
Angie: Laura Pomykala

Seven Jewish Children – Written by: Caryl Churchill
Directed by: Stephanie Van Huss
Grandpa: Andy Martinez
Dad: Sherif Ibrahim
Brother: Dan Conroy
Grandma: Megan Cavanagh
Mom: Marie Ferguson
Sister: Julia Barnett

*Proceeds from the Sunday showing of Directors’ Showcase will benefit the Rutgers Student Life: Leadership & Service Alternative Break, where 50 Rutgers students will be working with the hunger and homelessness population in Washington, D.C.

To reserve tickets to the show, email with your name, the number of tickets you would like to reserve, and the date and time of the performance you wish to see. 

As you can see, normal Social Media Chairwoman is the coordinator this year and MAMA IS SO PROUD OF HER BABY GIRL!! WORK IT!!



(I’m not sure if you’re aware, but Allie is the President of the Entire Universe and also an astronaut.)

Side note: Last year, when I wrote the DS blog post, I included a .gif from “Friday” by Rebecca Black. This remains one of my proudest moments as the Inside Cabaret blog writer. Just for nostalgia, here’s the music video we all love and miss:

Y’all are welcome.


For your viewing pleasure, here are some creepy iPhone photos taken from the audience two nights ago during tech week. I should really take up stalking as a profession. 







The entire cast caught completely off guard. Classy bunch of actors, all of them.



Some gorgeous lighting — shout out to the always fabulous Co-Master Electrician Liz!


Justice and Kelsey working it in the opening scene “Final Placement”, directed by the fantastic Kayla Votapek (my beautiful and talented Press Secretary)!



“Seven Jewish Children”, directed by Stephanie Van Huss. Prepare yourself for some feels.


Okay, I’m done shamelessly plugging Directors’ Showcase. Come see it for yourself tonight and tomorrow at 8 pm and Sunday at 7 pm! 

Nutter out. 



ACT! Or You’ll Wish You Had!!

Hello, hello, hello there friend-peoples!!

I have some very important information about this week’s show: ACT (Affective Catharsis through Theater)!!!


[Logo creds to Emily Johnson. Also known as “The Princess of Logos.”]


First thing’s first, here is some background information right from the Facebook Page:

“Cabaret Theatre and the Institute for Women’s Leadership Proudly Present:
ACT (Affective Catharsis through Theatre) is a collaborative showcase of student-written theatre pieces with regards to raising awareness about domestic violence and sexual assault. Some issues that are portrayed are domestic violence in the home, intimate partner violence, sexual assault, violent crimes on campus, and the effects on the self. Please be advised that this show contains a trigger warning.

ACT is an IWL Social Action Project created by student Marisa Irabli and coordinated by Cabaret Theatre’s Special Events Coordinator Courtney King.

It will be held November 8, 2013 at 8pm in Cabaret Theatre.

Each person who comes will be given a personal, private folder of resources, referrals, and hotline numbers including such places as: CAPS; Sex, Etc.; Scarlet Listeners; Contact We Care; and the health centers.

There is no charge for this performance. Any donation goes to Women Aware, whose mission is to end domestic violence in the lives of women, children, and men, and to change societal attitudes and institutions that promote and condone violence, through public policy, advocacy, education, and programs and services that promote lives free of violence.”


Now that you know the basics, let’s dig down a little deeper, shall we?


I had the pleasure of constructing a brief interview with Marisa and this is what she had to say:

Me: What inspired you to put this project together?

Marisa: I am a firm believer in catharsis. And I think that college goers in particular need an outlet to voice their feelings and I wanted to give that to them — in a scary way, but also a very inspiring way to everyone involved.

Me: What do you hope to get out of it?

Marisa: This isn’t really for me. I’m just getting a grade out of this, which is trivial. I want to give the opportunity for these things to be portrayed on stage. For something to be done about them.

Me: What do you hope the people involved with the production will get out of it?

Marisa: The writers have gotten the chance to write cathartically. And that is what I originally sent out to do. If the rest of this were to crash and burn, at least that much was done. The original goal had been met. The actors are given the chance to develop a character and run with it. And the writers are given the chance to see it all happen.

Me: What do you hope the audience will take away from the performance?

Marisa: They’re not alone. And there are resources, referrals, and places they can reach out to. It’s all for them.


What an interview!! Oh, that Marisa! Being all selfless and what not! Do this amazing young woman a favor and check out her wonderfully put together show!!

I have seen only a small fraction of it, but it is very powerful and well done. It is a show that demands people to listen. To learn. And to act.


Here are the great people you will see performing in it:

Kate Thomas
Abigail Nutter
Hantz Jean-Francois
Kayla Votapek
Hana Hamdi
Nathalie Peck
Gabriella Estevez
Malik Davis Bey
Oscar Gantuah

Here are the wonderful writers of the show:

Kate Thomas
Hantz Jean-Francois
Jennifer Osolinski
Nathalie Peck
Meghan King
Malik Davis Bey
Courtney King


Email for advanced reservations. Please specify your name, the number of tickets you wish to purchase and the date/time of the show you wish to attend. Our shows sell out quickly so making a reservation is the smart way to get yourself a seat!*

*Note: Reservations are not guaranteed. Patrons with reservations must arrive at least one half-hour prior to the stated performance time to purchase their tickets. Reservations may be voided at the discretion of the Box Office Management twenty minutes prior to the scheduled performance to accommodate any patrons on the waiting list or any walk-up sales.


Brought to Rutgers University by the Cabaret Theatre and the Institute for Women’s Leadership.

Join us on Facebook here:


Look out for upcoming posts about next week’s 6th Annual Directors’ Showcase and next month’s [title of show]!!


A. Kroeps over and out!!!