Seniors, and Cast Lists, and Cowboys, Yee-haw!!!

Hello cool, crisp, Cabaret-ers!
(And hello, alliteration!)
I’m writing to inform you of important things…so here I go!
Are you a senior? And involved in theater? At Rutgers University? New Brunswick?
Well, good for you!
Oh, and also, you should sign up to perform at the 2014 Seniors Showcase, which will be on Friday, May 2nd, at 8pm!!
The Showcase will be performed at Cabaret Theatre, but people involved in any theater on campus are encouraged to perform!!!
To sign up for this event, you must fill out the following form:
Because it is your way to get an honors cord for your participation in our theatre.
Performing in the Senior Showcase is a great way to officially say goodbye to student theater at Rutgers. So please don’t miss out on the opportunity to say farewell.
And……moving forward!!
I’m sure all of you have been just as anxiously awaiting the cast list of the Original Play Festival as I have.
Now I will admit, I have never been more anxious about anything in my whole life!
I love reading cast lists!!
So much!!
It’s practically something I need to get help for!
Now, are you ready??
Are you sure??
You are?!
But are you, really??
Without further ado about nothing, here is the cast/directer/playwright list for the 6th Annual Original Play Festival, yee-haw!!!
DeMarcus Ware
[Editor’s Note: This is not a picture of a cowboy. …Oh, wait. I see what you did there.]
Directed by: Courtney King
Written by: Johnny Dellaluna
Charlie Melman as Sandy
Simone Mahoney as June
Directed by: Kate Thomas
Written by: Courtney King
Kat Beliavski as Clare
Cody Beltis as Jeremy
“The Cosmo Diner”
Directed by: Johnny Dellaluna
Written by: Justice Hehir
Andy Martinez as George
Natasha Sydor as Flo
Leah Christians as Laverne
Zachary Sinkiewicz as David
“You’re Mistaken, Love”
Directed by: Christen Demnitz
Written by: Allie Kroeper
Adaugo Anusionwu as Woman 1
Andrea Parente as Woman 2
Alex Esposito as Man
“Coffee Cups”
Directed by: Thalia Peck
Written by: Megan Cherry
Adaugo Anusionwu as Girl
Abid Hassan as Barista
Sid Ceballos as Paul
Gino Branciforte as Robert
Directed by: Kayla Votapek
Written by: Constantina Scoullis
Jackie Malzone
Victoria Disla
Abigail Nutter
Natasha Sydor
Toni Lachelle
Congratulations to everyone involved!!!
And a special thank you to the Play Festival’s Coordinator, Justice Hehir! She has been nothing but awesome so far, and I know she’ll continue being great!
And, finally, look out for a future post about Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson!!!
Catch y’all later!
A-Kroeps out!!

Audition for an Amazing Production!!!

Hey hey there!


Want a great theatrical experience that won’t take up an enormous amount of your time??

Then audition for the 6th Annual Original Play Festival!!!

Rehearsal schedules will fit around YOUR schedule, so DO IT UP!!!


Here is the audition information pulled from the Facebook event:

“The Sixth Annual Original Play Festival Auditions:
Monday, March 10th – 9:00pm-12am
Tuesday, March 11th – 8pm-12am
Callbacks: Wednesday, March 12th – TBD

Sides will be provided.

Show Dates:
Friday, April 25th at 8 pm
Saturday, April 26th at 8 pm
Sunday, April 27th at 7 pm

The plays selected for the 6th Annual OPF are as follows:

Written By Johnny Dellaluna
Directed by Courtney King

Written By Courtney King
Directed by Kate Thomas

Coffee Cups
Written By Megan Cherry
Directed by Thalia Peck

The Cosmo Diner
Written By Justice Hehir
Directed by Johnny Dellaluna

Written By Constantina Scoullis
Directed by Kayla Votepek

You’re Mistaken, Love
Written By Allie Kroeper
Directed by Christen Demnitz

When attending auditions, please remember to bring your RUID# and a schedule of conflicts, including class, work, and miscellaneous commitments.

You must be a full-time undergraduate student at Rutgers University to audition for this production.

If you have any questions, contact OPF Coordinator Justice Hehir at or Producer Meg King at

RUSA Allocations, Paid for by student fees.

Cabaret Theatre is located at 7 Suydam St. on Douglass Campus”


Well, there ya have it!! You must, must, MUST audition for this lovely Cabaret Theatre tradition!!

And, just in case you didn’t notice…I’m one of the playwrights…so…yeah.


I don’t sign autographs.

But like. I might.

If you ask.




In other news, our second main stage of the semester (and final main stage of the season) is Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson!!!

The cast list for this hilarious show is as follows:

Eddie Norgard –John Quincy Adams and other parts
Ryan Gentek –Andrew Jackson
Michael Maxham — Martin Van Buren and other parts
Patrick Wu — Chief Black Fox and other parts
Gabe Marquez — John Calhoun and other parts
Dan English — Henry Clay and other parts
Jake McDonnell — James Monroe and other parts
Emily Johnson — Storyteller and other parts
Sam Vargas –Lyncoya and other parts
Shachar May –Rachel Jackson
Jillian Hanna — Various parts
Alyssa Krompier –Various parts
Na-Lee Ha — Various parts
Kristen Ferris –Various parts

Congratulations to this wonderful cast and to the wonderful Leah Christians, the show’s director!!!

Come see the show on April 4th-6th and/or April 11th-13th!!!

You don’t want to miss it!!




A-Kroeps out!!