Original Play Festival and Fun Times

Hello, hello, hello!

I have some important and super-cool things to announce, so get ready:

Six diverse shows…

Lots of actors…

And tons of awesome writing skills…

It’s the 6th Annual Original Play Festival!!!

Here’s a picture!

2014-04-18 09.35.23

That was a picture!

[This picture features Adaugo Anusionwu and Alex Esposito, who are both in the play I WROTE!!! Not pictured from this show are Andrea Parente (Fellow Actor) and Christen Demnitz (Director).]

Ever wonder how to shovel? Or how much you are worth? Or where you go when you die? Or what coffee you should order? Or what unrequited love feels like? Or what fighting with a significant other feels like???

Then you should TOTALLY come and see the 6th Annual Original Play Festival this weekend to learn a thing or two!!

The Show dates and times are as follows:

Friday, April 25th at 8:00 pm
Saturday, April 26th at 8:00pm
Sunday, April 27th at 7:00pm

Tickets are $7 for students and faculty, and $12 for general admission.

Reserve your tickets by emailing cabtheatre@gmail.com with your name, the number of tickets you would like to reserve, and the date/time of the performance you wish to attend.

Believe me…you WANT to see this show!!!

Here’s another picture!

2014-04-18 08.25.21

That was another picture!

[Featured in THAT snapshot are Kate Thomas (Director), Cody Beltis (Actor), and
Kat Beliavski (Actor). Look how wide open Kate is…she’s ready for some OPF love!! (And also she was giving direction because that’s what directors do.)]

Thank you to Justice Hehir for the lovely photography!!!

Annnnnnnd moving on to one final quick thing…

If you are a senior and would like to perform in the Senior Showcase (May 2 at 8pm in Cabaret) then email Meg King and Abigail Nutter at producer.cabarettheatre@gmail.com and marketing.cabarettheatre@gmail.com, respectively, by this Friday (April 25) at 11:59pm!!!

Thank you all for reading and looking and yeah!!!!!

And if you didn’t read or look or yeah, then I don’t know why you’re even here right now.


Good day!

A-Kroeps out!


Bloody Bloody Part 2: The Inside Scoop!

Hello again!!

I am here with a couple of glances into the instant hit that is Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson!

Bloody Bloody

The inside glances for this Inside Cabaret post come from Paige Austin, Co-Stage Manager, and Tom Milburn, Assistant Director!

First up…Paige’s story!

“If there’s anything I’ve learned from my almost year of being a part of Cabaret Theatre, it’s that there’s nothing like watching a play as it transforms. From the beginning to the end, watching the acting go from practices in the basement to a fully decorated set is a beautiful thing. When I was the Assistant Stage Manager for [title of show] I came on a little later than everyone else. With Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, it was different. I saw everything from the beginning and now as we approach the end it’s a little saddening. I remember greeting people when they came to auditions and briefly chatting with some of them and offering some words to calm their nerves. It feels like that was such a long time ago, but in reality it wasn’t. When I first met up with the director, Leah Christians, her passion for the show was definitely contagious. I didn’t even know if I was going to be picked to be a part of the Pro Staff, but I was still really excited. She had so many great ideas, and it has been amazing to see them come to life. A fourteen-member cast is A LOT of people. Having everyone at practice was seemingly impossible, with the crazy/hectic schedules they all have. But as we got closer and finally got everyone in the same room at once, it was really fun to see what each actor brought to the characters they play. Now that I’ve seen the show what feels like 20+ times, I can promise you it never gets old. I literally laugh until I cry every single time I watch it. Every single member of this cast is really talented and has made this show something really special.

The Pro Staff for the show was made up of some seriously talented people as well, and I’m so glad I got to spend this time with them. Leah, Tom, Brian (and THE BAND), Janine and Sasha have done such a kick-ass job. All of their creative contributions have added elements to the show that really take it up a notch. The funny thing to think about is that if ONE person from the cast or crew were different, the show probably wouldn’t be the same. I honestly think this was the perfect group of people to work together. Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson is rebellious, provocative, and hilarious. Seeing the audience respond in such a positive way and watching the cast excel has been amazing. I’m really going to miss spending time with this crazy group of ruffians…”

Well said, Paige. Well said.

And here is Tom’s story!

“I had an absolute blast working on Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson. The cast was wonderful, Leah was the coolest, and the show was hilarious. I was initially really nervous about the role of assistant director because I’m not a theater person – the last time I was in one was when I was part of my high school tech crew, like, four years ago. I don’t think it could’ve gone any better, though, and I gained a lot of leadership experience throughout the production process. I had so much fun working with everyone else involved and don’t think I would change a thing.

In addition to helping direct, I ran sound and designed lights for the show. The sound setup for Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson was surprisingly intricate – we had keyboards, basses, guitars, prerecorded material, and microphones to worry about. I’m an aspiring sound engineer, so this was a really fun learning experience and a challenge I took a lot from. It was nice to work with sound reinforcement in the type of space that Cabaret is, and I think the sound design positively contributed to the concert-like atmosphere of the show. The lighting helped with that, too. Designing the lights was a pretty terrifying task for me – I’ve never worked with stage lighting before and had to learn how to do it from scratch. It was stressful, but I learned a ton about lighting design and theatrical design and had a bunch of fun doing it.

In short, being a part of Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson at Cabaret this semester was a really great experience.”

Well, there ya have it!

Obviously, this show has been life-changing and completely awesome and fun for all involved!!

Be sure to see the show so that you can soak in all the awesome!!!!!!

The remaining performances are as follows:

April 11th at 8 pm
April 11th at 11:59 pm
April 12th at 8 pm

$7 for Students/Staff/Faculty
$12 for General Admission

**The show contains adult content that may not be suitable for all audiences.

People are sponges.

And shows are water.

Soak in the performances and you will have them forever.

Because human sponges don’t let go.


It’s easy if you try it.


I hope to see you at the show!!!

A-Kroeps out!

It’s Bloody Showtime!

Hello people!

Hey there

Thank you, Courtney King, for your photography genius.

Anywho, I am here to tell you about our final main stage of the year…Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson!!!

Exciting, hilarious, and choreographed magnificently!

Oh, the acting and comedic timing!

High energy you will not believe!

And no, I’m not just talking about myself.

I’m talking about the rehearsal I saw last night!

This musical comedy is nothing short of fantastic.

I was absolutely floored and completely taken by everyone’s amazingness.

It’s sure to be a success.




Reserve your tickets NOW for this amazing show!!!

You do NOT want to miss it!!!

To reserve tickets, email cabtheatre@gmail.com with your name, the number of tickets you want to reserve, and the date/time of the performance you wish to see.

Here are the performance dates/times:

April 4th at 8 pm
April 5th at 8 pm
April 10th at 10 pm
April 11th at 8 pm
April 11th at 11:59 pm
April12th at 8 pm

$7 for Students/Staff/Faculty
$12 for General Admission

*Note: Reservations are not guaranteed. Patrons with reservations must arrive at least one half-hour prior to the stated performance time to purchase their tickets. Reservations may be voided at the discretion of the Box Office Management twenty minutes prior to the scheduled performance to accommodate any patrons on the waiting list or any walk-up sales.

Reserve now or there will be an angry mob waiting for you.

You’d better watch out. They’ve got microphones.

And a Leah with some staircases.

They’re just plain frightening.

Really — just reserve, dang it! Just reserve!!!!!

See ya there.

And if I don’t.

I’m gonna cry.

Just sayin’.

A-Kroeps out!!