Rutgers Night Live: The Nightmare Returns


Did somebody say RNL?

(Besides me)

There you have it folks. Rutgers Night Live is back for its 9th show EVER. *woooo*

One away from ten. The fan fair is almost here. But alas, it must be saved for next semester.

A clearly excited shark eating chips.

Shark-Kristen is THIS EXCITED for RNL.

What is Rutgers Night Live, you ask?

Only Rutgers University’s PREMIER sketch comedy group.

And by premier, we mean only.

Founded by Demon Dom Nero and Stephen “say-my-name” Hilger, RNL is a completely student written, produced, and directed comedy event. Based out of our very own Cabaret Theatre in New Brunswick, RNL performs one weekend per semester, every semester, for the rest of existence (because it will live on in the Rutgers community forever).

The founds on stage for RNL

The founders on stage. INTENSE.

Sorry, Dom, I just had to.

Sorry, Dom, I had to.

If my calculations are correct, this is the first show without any original members. However sad that may make me feel, it is also a very exciting thought. RNL has evolved over the past 5 years, and will continue to evolve in the coming years to become a staple towards the Rutgers Comedy Tradition.

Wow. Saying that put me in a nostalgic mood. Here is episode one on Youtube:

Daww aren’t they all so cute and young?

Since I have an insider scoop about the show (cough I’m coordinating it cough), let me give you some insider-deats:

There will be:

  • Nine awesome cast members
  • One talented host
  • One very Rutgers band named Crime Alert
  • One very hot theatre (wear light clothing)
  • Nine insanely funny sketches
  • One even more insanely funny digital short
  • And sold out tickets!

Rutgers Night Live IX: Attack of the Hunter Spiders: On Ice? will be at Cabaret Theatre on:

Friday October 3rd at 8:00pm

Saturday October 4th at 8:00pm and a special midnight show at 11:59pm

Tickets are $5 for students and faculty, $7 for ya’ll who don’t go here.

Since RNL sells out so quickly, please reserve your tickets ASAP by emailing with your name, which date and time you would like to attend, and the number of tickets you desire.

The Cast Members and Host of RNL 9, taking a better selfie than the Oscar Selfie.

The Cast Members and Host of RNL 9, taking a better selfie than the Oscar Selfie.

Here are the names to the faces you will spend 1.5 intimate hours with:

Cody “Cute-Face” Beltis:  Bringing RNL’s sex appeal up by 1000, Cody is a delectable new addition to the group. He loves twerking, rubbing pregnant bellies, and making fun of the news.

Kristen “Crunchy” Ferris- my personal female crush, Kristen is in love with me and only me so don’t even think about it.  You can find her eating goldfish or…eating goldfish.

Abid “The Pipe” Hassan—You won’t understand this reference until you see the show, but Abid stars in one of my favorite sketches and he has a pipe. He also screams the word “MOTHER” a lot. You’ll know it when you see it.

Justice “Douglass” Hehir- Justice is an awesome chick who follows in the footsteps of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.  You can find her at literally every event on Douglass.

Raynee “Wolf Queen” Morris-She is actually a Wolf Queen. I’m not even joking. She was raised by wolves and lived life on the edges of society. Now she likes to study bugs. I don’t get it either.

Katie “Scissorhands” Scheidt-Miss Scissorhands over here decided to make a lot of our costumes/props. Keep an eye out for her signature style. In her spare time, Katie likes to believe she lives in an Anime world and owns many wigs.

Zach “The Frosh” Sinkiewicz—although he is no longer a freshman, Zach is the youngest member of our group. He is our baby and we love him so. Changing his diaper?…not so much.

Natasha “THIS IS ME” Sydor—I can’t write about myself. That’s weird. But I do like poop jokes. Ha ha.

Bob “Omg Date Me” Tarino—Women and men know him by many names. But to us, he is the essence of the Hunter Spider. He is poisonous, and he will strike. Ladies, beware.

And the RNL IX host, Kajoree “Who me?” Bhattacharya—Our fearless navigator during the night of comedy nightmares. She challenges the next host to try and do a better job then she has done. We’ll see, RNL X.

Attempting to dance...

Attempting to dance…

****Interested in being a cast member of RNL? We’ll be having auditions on November 24-26. Bring your funny bone and do your best Jagger! We look forward to meeting everyone (…one of us, one of us…). I’ll make another announcement about this when we approach auditions.****

What’s next at Cabaret Theatre?

  • Auditions for the 2014 Directors’ Showcase: Auditions will take place on September 29th and 30th from 7-11 at Cabaret Theatre, with callbacks on October 1st.
  • Auditions for Murder Ballad: Auditions will take place on October 6th and 7th from 8pm to Midnight, with Callbacks on October 9th.
  • And Dog Sees God! This show goes up in just two weeks, so stay tuned for more information.

I love you all. Come out to RNL. And to auditions. I’ll be giving out lots of hugs (and maybe some kisses)

Did I just unintentionally rhyme? Ew.

N-Shady, out.


New year, New me, New Revue

Testing testing one two one two

Natasha to world, Natasha to world, can you hear me world?



But I can’t see you because that would be too gosh darn creepy. Unless I find a way to peep through your web camera. Soon…

Cabaret world, prepare yourselves…for the first blog post of the season!!

*cue thunderous applause*

Mmm. Thunder.

Mmm. Thunder.

And what a season it will be. I must say, I am thoroughly excited to be writing for this blog. Here I am, in my room, wearing a retainer, with a smelly Rutgers t-shirt on, chewing on three packets of gushers (yes I am still wearing my retainer), and there you are, reading this, doing I don’t-even-want-to-know-what. Look at us becoming new friends.

Hi. I'm Natasha.

Hi. I’m Natasha.


Yesterday I had the pleasure of sitting in on a rehearsal for Cabaret’s first show of the season:

Unsung Chapters: A Musical Revue



I asked the two musical directors to give me their best “come to our show” face, and this was the result:

Aren't they compelling?

Aren’t they compelling?

Other memorable moments of the run:

-I experienced “dancer envy”. All of the actors and the choreographer were fantastic dancers. It’s not fair. Why can’t I dance like them? Why must I look like a jumping monkey?

– THE Chris Price (Director extraordinaire) shook my hand. He’s almost at celebrity status now, people.

– Sometimes the actors made eye contact with me and sang their hearts out. It was a beautiful moment shared between us. I can’t wait to experience it again during the run this weekend (IT’S MY MOMENT YOU CAN’T HAVE IT)

– “When I Grow Up” from Matilda made me sentimental and want to be a wee little munchkin child again. Ah, to be young.


There are 18 songs in total, spread out between ensemble pieces, solos, and duets. If you pay close attention you will see the delicate story interwoven between each song.


Boy I’m getting deep here.


What kind of music can you expect? I don’t want to be handing out spoilers on a whim, but shows like Pippin, Kinky Boots, American Idiot, and All Shook Up are in the mix.

Here is everything you need to know about this amazing musical production:

Das awesome cast ja.

Who’s Who?

Production Staff:

– Director: Chris Price

– Assistant Director: Justin Luckenbaugh

– Co-Musical Director: Kyle Buchanan

– Co-Musical Director: Bernadette Burke

– Choreographer: Nicola Keegan

– Stage Manager: Irene Martinez



Maryann Slater

Sam Vargas

Christian Muñoz

Michael Maxham

Megan Kalberer

Barrydean Chen

Kelly Lozo

Emily Johnson

Geralyn Williams

Russell Umali

Emily Reineke

This pose reminds me of the music box song in Chitty Chitty

“Hey there, boys.”

"A kiss for you, and you, and youu!"

“A kiss for you, and you, and youu!”

Interested in seeing the show this weekend? Of course you are!



When: Friday, September 5th at 8pm***

Saturday, September 6th at 8pm and 11:59pm

***opening night proceeds will be donated to the Make a Wish Foundation


Cabaret Theatre, located on the corner of Suydam Street and Nichol Ave on the Douglass Campus


Tickets for incoming first-year and transfer students are $3 (You MUST provide your RUID card in order to receive this discount. Any incoming first-year or transfer students without their cards will pay the full student price).

Tickets for other students/faculty/staff: $5

General admission: $7

Email for advanced reservations. Please specify your name, the number of tickets you wish to purchase, and the date/time of the show you wish to attend. Our shows sell out quickly, so making a reservation is the smart way to get yourself a seat!

Crikey! An actor and a set, in their natural habitat.

Crikey! An actor and a set, in their natural habitat.

So come one, come all, come to the show this weekend! A great night of music and dancer-envy await in your future.


What’s next at Cabaret, you ask? Auditions for our next show “Dog Sees God” (cue Peanuts Theme) and my demon baby Rutgers Night Live IX. Prepare yourselves, world.


N-Shady, out!


Your new friend, Natasha.