Direct specific questions to the appropriate Executive Board member below:

Production: producer.cabarettheatre@gmail.com – Everything.

Artistic: artistic.cabarettheatre@gmail.com– Acting, directing, or writing.

Management: managing.cabarettheatre@gmail.com– Technical, crew, and space maintenance.

Finance: finance.cabarettheatre@gmail.com – $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Marketing: marketing.cabarettheatre@gmail.com – Advertising and media presence.


How can I get involved?

Please visit our Get Involved page for further information.

How do I propose a show for production at Cabaret Theatre?
Cabaret Theatre runs on the proposals of students. We are the only theatre group at Rutgers University to select our season based on student suggestions. To propose a show you must: 1) want to direct it, 2) be a current student (including during the year you plan for the show to occur) and 3) must write up a proposal based on a template Cabaret Theatre provides. The proposal packet for the 2012-2013 school year is expected to come out during February 2012.

Many students propose to direct and Cabaret Theatre only selects 5-6 shows each year. Therefore, not every individual who proposes a show will be selected to direct in the subsequent academic year. A good way to prepare yourself for proposing a show is to attend Directors’ Workshops throughout the year and go to the artistic director’s office hours. You can schedule a meeting to meet with the artistic director by emailing artistic.cabarettheatre@gmail.com.


Where is Cabaret Theatre located?
Cabaret Theatre is located on the Douglass Campus of Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ. Cabaret is easily accessible from the New Jersey Turnpike as well as Rt 18 and US Rt 1. It is also easily accesible via NJ Transit train and bus service.

Address: 7 Suydam Street, New Brunswick, NJ 08901

Metered parking is available at no charge after 6pm right outside the theatre. There is also a parking deck off of Nichol Avenue that is free on evenings (after 6pm) and on weekends.

How do I purchase tickets from Cabaret Theatre?
Tickets for performances are available one hour prior to curtain on the evening of the performance only and may only be purchased in the theatre’s lobby. Cabaret Theatre does, however, accept email reservations for most performances as early as 2 weeks before opening night.

What forms of payment are accepted by Cabaret Theatre?
Cash only. There is an ATM in the Douglass Campus Center across the street; however, Cabaret Theatre does not have the resources to take credit or debit payments and does not accept checks.

How much are tickets at Cabaret Theatre?
Tickets for most events are $7 for students and $12 for non-students unless otherwise noted.

Who can I contact from Cabaret Theatre if I have problems with my reservations?
If you have any questions or problems with your reservations for a performance here at the Cabaret Theatre, please contact cabtheatre@gmail.com .

How do I cancel my reservations?
Although cancellation is not necessary, the Cabaret Theatre staff very much appreciates it. To cancel your reservation please contact cabtheatre@gmail.com or speak to any Cabaret Theatre staff member. If you do not cancel, any reservation not claimed by the “last call” (20 minutes prior to curtain) will be sold to those on the waitlist. If there is no waitlist, you may claim your reservation late; however, Cabaret Theatre reserves the right to not seat patrons if they are late and the performance has already started.

What is Cabaret Theatre’s seating policy?
There are anywhere from 65 to 80 seats in Cabaret’s black box theatre space (depending on the arrangment of the risers). Due to the limited seating, although tickets can be reserved in advance, seating at Cabaret Theatre is not guaranteed.  If you made a reservation and arrive at the theatre before our “last call” for reservations (20 minutes before showtime), you will get a seat. If you arrive after our “last call,” you run the risk of losing your reservation to a patron on the waitlist and being turned away.

The staff of Cabaret Theatre will make every effort to seat all patrons including those on the wait list. We do regret, however, that seating is limited and in very rare circumstances we may not be able to seat all patrons. If you are shut out of a performance, the staff will give you the option to reserve for another performance (permitted there is one).

If you have any special needs due to a disability or other circumstances please feel free to speak to any Cabaret Theatre staff member for assistance. We ask that you do so in advance by emailing cabtheatre@gmail.com.

How do I reserve space for my event at Cabaret Theatre? 

Cabaret Theatre is happy to host your event if you are a Rutgers University organization. However, the theatre has a very strict schedule and may not be flexible in terms of dates. Typically, the guest organization splits the proceeds with Cabaret in the form of a co-sponsership.

If you are not currently affliliated with the university, Cabaret regretfully cannot host your event.


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