BREAKING: Cabaret Finally Enters the Blogosphere

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The Internet is immediate, unadulterated, non-stop sensory saturation.

Cabaret Theatre is immediate, unadulterated, non-stop sensory saturation.

This is a match made in media heaven.

[Do media-ites have a heaven? Thought we were all bloodsucking harlequins of the vilest order?]

For the last few years, Cabaret Theatre has thrown a lot of stuff at the wall in the Sisyphean effort to reaffirm itself as Rutgers University’s premier student theatre organization. New workshops in directing and playwriting. New showcases and special events, catering to the diverse predilections of the surrounding New Brunz area. New investment in recruiting and cultivating talented and creative student minds. And a brand new look and a new marquis, both now a sleeker Black & White—a dual representation of nothingness and everything, clean, malleable, divergent.

Cabaret's Business Strategy

A lot of it stuck.

Cabaret is in the best shape it’s ever been in throughout its long, 36-year history. A long string of high quality productions and a newfound commitment to developing and fostering a community of progressive, experimental, and innovative student-writers, -directors, and –actors.

And this is the next step in Cabaret’s evolution.

The community within is invested, engaged, and growing.

The community without, however, is often left in the dark.

Think about it.

Other than the occasional show, what do you really know about what goes on inside? What are rehearsals like? Set builds? The production process? What does the basement of Cabaret look like? What is life like for a Cabbie? Nay, what is it like inside the mind of a Cabbie?


Theatre is as much by the actors as it is for the people. And social media like this blog allow direct access to the people. We’ll let you in, posting original content like interviews with directors and actors, videos and photos of productions just starting out, and in-depth explorations of Cabaret, Life, The Universe, and Everything.

What do we want from you?

Money. Particularly of the Defaced variety.

Just kidding (not really). What we really want from you is to hear your voice. Click on over to SUBMIT! and share a Cabbie story, or make a comment, or send us your experimental neo-noir short film! We’ll (maybe) publish it!

Theatre is an exercise in communal storytelling. You’re part of that community. And this blog is an experiment in that.

So expect consistent updates from us here at Cabaret Theatre. It’s Halftime in America. And Cabaret’s second half is about to begin.

He went in the Cabaret basement...


Below: How I Learned To Drive by Paula Vogel opens in 4 days! Check out this preview snap shot featuring Marc Mills and Steph Van Huss. Look for an interview with director Jordan Gochman and members of the staff and cast in the coming days!

She's learning how to drive. Get it?