Rapidly Approaching Opportunities!!!

Hey, hey, hey! I’ve got a bunch of updates for you about our beloved Cabaret Theatre, as well as some awesome opportunities! So make sure you pay close attention because there will be a quiz at the end!

Not really. They didn’t allow me to put a quiz on here.


Anywho! First thing’s first: The General Interest meeting!


Yeah, that’s right. Our meeting was rated TV-14.

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Proposals for 2013-2014 and Farewells

Hello my dears,

Summer is here! Hooray! And with summer comes the time to propose for our upcoming 2013-2014 season. The deadline is, tomorrow, June 7. Yep, we know that it is coming up VERY SOON (like, tomorrow), but if you’re still on the fence about whether or not to hit send to “producer.cabarettheatre@gmail.com” (you’re welcome Meg ;)), read the information provided below, snagged from the FB event (As the Marketing Director, I made this event all by myself)!

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Summer Updates Part I: Proposals!

Who is ready for a whole new semester at the lovely and oh-so-classy Cabaret Theatre? Oh you are? OH REALLY?!

I know y’all are gonna miss the lovely and just so flipping funny J.Braccino but unfortunately he is no longer with us. Image

Death by waterslide, it was very tragic. Therefore I, Miss Nutter herself, will be taking over as head writer and observer of all things Cabaret Theatre.

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