The Ladies of Eleemosynary: Jasia Ries

Happy Wednesday! The opening night of Eleemosynary is close at hand and final preparations are underway to make this amazing show come to life!

As you may have seen over the past few days, we have been chronicling the lives of the cast members of this beautiful production.

Last, and certainly not least, is Jasia Ries, the youngest member of the cast, playing the oldest character in the show, Dorothea.



A first year student at Rutgers, Jasia made a very big entrance to Cabaret, appearing as the passionate Juror #11 in Twelve Angry Men last fall.


Inside Cabaret: You’re only a freshman and you’ve already rocked the Cabaret stage twice! How’s your first year at Rutgers treating you?

Jasia: Crazy right? My first year has been wonderful, and Cabaret is largely to thank for that. I actually can’t even imagine what my year would have been like without it. I feel so lucky to be a part of this beautiful place.

IC:How do you feel playing an old lady, especially since you are technically the youngest member of the cast?

J: I don’t feel very young. But it’s funny, isn’t it? I’m actually pretty close in age to Echo, who is 16 when she is narrating, but even from the auditions I knew immediately I understood Grandma the best of the three. Age has very little to do with empathy, I think. Something about Dorothea just speaks to me. She is so full of life and she refuses to change for anyone. She tries her best to find good in people. She spends her entire life searching for the extraordinary, and encourages others to be extraordinary. She is so brave. But there is also an element of entrapment, a desire to escape, a dissatisfaction with reality. She’s an extreme case, but I think we all find our ways to escape. And we have all dreamed of flying, in one way or another.

IC: Most places I see you, including in most of the shows I’ve seen you in, you have been wearing one of many stylish scarves. Do you get to wear a scarf again? You wore a scarf in your first show. If yes, do you plan to make it a habit? Perhaps only doing Cabaret shows when scarves are involved?

J: Perhaps, perhaps. I am a fan of scarves. We shall see. I might not even audition unless I am promised a scarf. Or perhaps a dialect in the absence of a scarf, because I do that too sometimes.


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